Martyn Sakol talks to HR Magazine about OE Cam’s work with Disruptive Talent:



“…in the past ‘disruptive talent’ may have been sidelined because of these individuals’ unusual approach or inability to function within a team…”

OE Cam’s managing partner and chartered psychologist Martyn Sakol said that established firms are under constant threat from fast-moving entrepreneurs who are not afraid to rock the boat. “Their innovations break the mould and change the way in which we live, often delivering huge financial returns,” he said.

Most large businesses have their share of disruptive talent. Whether they are obsessed with detail, fiercely tenacious, or a world-standard intellect, they are unlikely to sit easily within a traditional corporate structure. And yet their potential value to the organisation is enormous.”

Sakol added: “We are finding that, with the support of senior management, it is possible to harness these individuals and to create game-changing teams within even the most traditional organisation, and that is the way that the blue chip firms of today will compete with the entrepreneurs whose inventions are even now in development.”

This is an excerpt from an article published by HR Magazine on 4 August 2015.  To read the full article, please visit:

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