Georgie Frost from Share Radio talks to Paolo Moscuzza about Disruptive Talent.

Paolo Moscuzza talks to Share Radio about Disruptive Talent

How do organisations hire and manage the employee with ‘mad’ but brilliant ideas?

Paolo explains how disruptive thinkers can come with challenging behaviours – but in the right organisation at the right time can deliver significant business benefits.

Many organisations get it wrong – they believe they need to change and do things differently and so they bring someone new in to shake things up… but when ‘different’ arrives, it’s too challenging, too disruptive.  Organisations must first be ready for change and create a supportive environment in which Disruptive Talent can succeed.



It’s important to identify the right kind of disruptive talent – you don’t want to end up with delinquents:

You want people that push the thinking boundaries, but understand which boundaries are important and then you need to put the right people around them and manage that effectively

In identifying Disruptive Talent, you need expertise in blending psychometric profiling with in-depth interviewing and exercises that test what is right for the organisation at that point in time.  Disruptive Talent will always ask very different questions, look at things from a different perspective and they are persistent at achieving the outcomes they want.  Because of this they can be hard work and may require coaching to deliver the business outcomes they’re capable of.

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