The Courage to be Different – OE Editorial

Issue 1 2012 - We commence 2012, with opportunity. Amidst economic uncertainty, and rapid change,…


A Portal for Organisation Effectiveness

What are the components of organisation effectiveness common to all organisations? And how can we…


Beyond Competencies

How can strengths such as insight, bravery and humanity be identified in leaders of tomorrow?…


Apple Spirit

Susan Carroll shares her personal perspective on the power of the Apple spirit.


Taking Acquisition Due Diligence to the Next Level

Simone Jagniaszek explains how balancing the ‘less tangible’ people dimensions in context of the…

Balancing scale with focus

Structure Influencing Behaviour

Gary Ashton explores how connecting the design of an organisation with its employees can unleash…


Money and Motivation

Mark Goodridge & Chris Legge consider how we ended up with a remuneration regime that is no longer…


Senior Management Pay

Our client is a UK organisation who represent public and commercial interests within the utility…