Design thinking is an approach that comes out of new product and software development. It places the customer at the heart of the design. Using insights into their wants and needs to develop possible solutions which are then tested by customers in the real world. The feedback from the testing is used to modify the functionality.

“Design Thinking is an approach that: focuses on developing a deep understanding of customers’ wants and needs; moves quickly from exploration to insights; tests directly with the market and feedback is used to make modifications to functionality”

In this webinar we discussed how design thinking can be used to deliver effective change management when introducing AI to an organisation. It is a powerful approach that really engages employees in the change so they feel part of it rather feeling the change is being done to them. In addition, the approach identifies and addresses issues and barriers to the change early on in the process – when it is much cheaper and easier to rectify.

In this scenario the customer is the employee.  Using the OE Cam design thinking for change model, we share practical tools and techniques to use in applying the four stages of model:


Design thinking

  1. Empathy to drive inspiration
  2. Creative Tension to drive ideation
  3. Fast Failure to drive innovation
  4. Embed to drive sustainable delivery










For a more detailed explanation of this model, download Julie Brophy and Gary Ashton’s article from the recent OE journal – AI: Explore the Possibilities – Go on Safari!.  In this article, Julie and Gary look at how leaders can use a design thinking approach to select and implement appropriate AI for their organisation.

“For convergent stage, apply an employee-centric view to hone down the ideas to those that will address the business’ and employees’ needs”

In the webinar we also share examples of where designing thinking has been applied to change management including where it worked well and where it became a learning opportunity.

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