September and October are popular time for mid-year performance appraisals for most businesses – however for many busy line managers there is a tendency to ‘squeeze’ in reviews into already crammed schedules and perhaps not prepare as effectively as they could…

The logic for performance management appraisals is clear – a mid-year review allows evaluation against objectives and identifies any obstacles or interim development needs.  So how can you help managers prepare?  In our experience, the best performing companies invest a little time up front to communicate the importance of the line manager’s role and provide appraiser’s with the opportunity to refresh their review skills.  One way to do this particularly cost-effectively is through a company-wide performance management webinar to help managers get ‘match fit’ for review conversations.

OE Cam performance management webinars enable employees to re-visit with peers the characteristics of effective feedback, learn how to structure (often difficult) conversations, fine-tune interpersonal skills and importantly ensures a good degree of consistency of approach – often a bugbear of employees with performance management processes.  However, webinars can be a bit dry or dull… but as business psychologists and experts in executive development, we think our approach is a bit different and can engage and enthuse even the busiest of managers!

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